sex & cannabis The marriage between THC/CBD products and sexual products is a match-made in heaven. The igniting popularity of CBD and THC products have been increasingly abundant in these past 5 years, we can thank the decreasing regulation and increasing legal approach to the cannabis industry where most states have decriminalized the use of […]

Sexual Liberation

This year we have seen major shifts in society’s consciousness when it comes to Sex. It all started with the ME2 movement where women finally felt comfortable to voice their experiences of being objectified, harassed and measured based on their appearance. Back in the 90s, we weren’t as vocal about sexuality, but underneath the facade […]

Thurst Yourself

Let’s talk about this taboo activity most of us truly enjoy but refrain from sharing in public. Yes that’s right let’s talk about masturbation, the act of pleasuring yourself.  In an era where focus on self and individuality is more prevalent than ever, the topic of pleasuring oneself is still falling somewhat in between. We […]