Thurst Yourself

Let’s talk about this taboo activity most of us truly enjoy but refrain from sharing in public. Yes that’s right let’s talk about masturbation, the act of pleasuring yourself. 

In an era where focus on self and individuality is more prevalent than ever, the topic of pleasuring oneself is still falling somewhat in between. We all do it, we all take pleasure in it and yet we don’t really tend to share our preferences or experiences even with our closest friends, why is that? 

The shame that has been applied to sex could be dated back to previous centuries, but today, sexual content is more talked about than ever, is used as a marketing engine to sell products, ignite curiosity and attract attention. So why are we so ashamed to discuss the act of masturbation? Masturbation is often a favored form of release as it doesn’t involve anyone but yourself, thus, you can do it on your own terms, make sure you always cum and remove any emotional baggage that could result from having intercourse with someone. 

Sex has transitioned into mainstream in terms of how we address, and masturbation is next in line. The shame and embarrassment attached to it is often a by-product of society’s judgmental views, however people who masturbate often report higher pleasure while having intercourse with someone, because well just like anything in life, its all about practice and if your’e single, having sex with someone else can often come with an emotional price so when you practice pleasuring yourself you’re actually learning what gets you going, where you need to be stimulated and help you reach multiple orgasms because well, when you’re alone you are more free to explore yourself. 

So let’s remove the shame and start talking about this natural act we all do in private but can be finally discussed in public, well at least with close ones to praise this beautiful moment we share with ourselves. Because who doesn’t want better sex? masturbation can help you get there and make sure you cum!