sex & cannabis

The marriage between THC/CBD products and sexual products is a match-made in heaven. The igniting popularity of CBD and THC products have been increasingly abundant in these past 5 years, we can thank the decreasing regulation and increasing legal approach to the cannabis industry where most states have decriminalized the use of marijuana derived from hemp, under 0.3% making it legal for any store to carry such products. Other states like California, Oregon, Michigan, Colorado and NY have made recreational marijuana legal for those over 21, this has opened the market to a whole new array of products becoming available to the public, from smoking, vaping, eating or shmeering, customers have a wide range of options to choose from based on their favorite way of consumption.

Combining aphrodisiac ingredients along with cannabis has been a natural evolution of this phenomena. So what’s so good about putting 1 and 1 together? Well, 1+1 = 3 not 2 and why is that? because when you mix the compounds found in cannabis along with natural aphrodisiac ingredients your’e not just activating two different mindsets you’re actually creating a whole new experience that taps into the psychological and physical components that are prevalent for sexual desire and activity, you are relieving your mind from everyday thoughts with THC and igniting your natural desire to heat things up by ingesting natural aphrodisiac found in plants and formulated with the aim of increasing your libido and the results are well, phenomenal. 

Sex is physical that we know, but sexual desire has to start with the right mindset, in today’s society, our minds are frequently occupied with every day life, work, food, home, family, partner, pets etc, and when the time to get going arrives, many of us just can’t focus on it right now, so when you consume THC your thoughts and mindset immediately loosen up, you feel more relaxed and happy which sets the mood for sexual activity. Thus, combining the best of both worlds to launch to a new dimension made possible by relaxing your mind and stimulating your body.

It is no wonder many new products have emerged to tap into this new sensation where we aim to spark our sensations and reach the next level. Some of the best brands out there are the following:

1. Neo Sensual  

2. Herba Buena 

3. High on Love 

4. Apothecanna 

5. Dosist  

If horny+high=happy then, happy+horny=high so it means high+happy=horny it’s a simple yet genius formula that helps us maximize our experience by elevating our emotional and physical state to a whole new dimension of pleasure. Welcome to this new era of positive progress and heightened experiences.