Sexual Liberation

This year we have seen major shifts in society’s consciousness when it comes to Sex. It all started with the ME2 movement where women finally felt comfortable to voice their experiences of being objectified, harassed and measured based on their appearance. Back in the 90s, we weren’t as vocal about sexuality, but underneath the facade something demeaning was happening, women were increasingly objectified and most brands would endorse it by selling sexuality in the most obvious and classless manner. Tight cloths and revealing outfits were considered an invitation for sex, women were bluntly teased with sexual comments in workspaces, entertainment industry and where not. This was considered the norm, and we’ve had enough. 

The recent movement ignited a different conversation about sex, unlike going backwards and refraining from it, we as a society demanded that the dialogue change and it indeed has changed especially for the younger generation AKA Gen Z the first generation to openly talk about sexuality, to blur the orientation lines, with more girls and boys coming out of the closet or defining themselves as Bi, we as a society knowingly or not, have laid the grounds for a sexual revolution, but unlike the 60s were a revolution was expressed with riots, and protests, walking naked on the streets and using music as a sexual expression tool, this revolution is more subtle, but don’t be fooled, its as big as the one that occurred in the sixties if not bigger because this time, all the voices can be heard. 

One of the beauties of social media, (yes we know there are way more faults to it) is the ability to openly and equally (sort of) share knowledge and information as well as ignite discussion around any topic. Celebrities have played a crucial role in their ability to bring this topic to the front by making sexual claims regarding their orientation, their desire, their views and their followers are listening and reacting. This ignited a new movement of openly talking about sexual health and encouraging a healthy conversation around it. Why not? why not embrace this beautiful nature we all share and address it in a way that we are all involved in the narrative, how it’s presented, what’s ok what’s not ok, and make sure we all feel comfortable to talk openly with respect about this beautiful thing called sex.